Getting lost in the docking manager

Posted by gdb390 on 30-Oct-2014 08:39


I'm playing around with the ultradockingmanager, but I'm getting lost in properties and methods ...

I'm looking for the way to get the clientarea that's available when all panes are docked.

Anyone ?

I've been searching the infragistics forums, but didn't find an answer :( 

kind regards


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Posted by Jean Richert on 14-Nov-2014 04:04

Has anyone played or tested ultradockingmanager and would be willing to share with gdb390?

Posted by mbanks on 14-Nov-2014 16:12

I'm not sure I completely know what you're trying to do.  If you are trying to calculate the remaining size you could loop through the Controls collection subtracting the width or height based on the Dock property of the control -- from the client area size subtract width for left and right, subtract height for top and bottom.

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