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Posted by pauldownie on 20-Oct-2014 14:23


Is it possible to have a single maintenance window with two components having a parent/child relationship (e.g. customer and order) where a change in the child record triggers a change in the parent and the parent record is then refreshed?

When I update or change the child record, I need to update a field in the parent. If the parent record is not also being updated in the UI, then I would like to refresh the parent record (refreshRow) in the viewer. If the two components are in separate windows this can be accomplished by publishing an event in the beginTransactionValidate procedure of the child SDO to run refreshRow in the viewer after a check on whether an update is active in the parent (getUpdateActive). This will not work if the child component is in the same window as the parent as the getUpdateActive will always return TRUE.

Is there another way to accomplish this while keeping the child and parent the same window? My parent record also has multiple viewers that cannot be grouped into a single frame.

thanks, Paul

10.2b, Win 2007

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Posted by pauldownie on 20-Oct-2014 16:09

It looks like the getDataModified dynamic-function targeting the SDO might be a suitable replacement for getUpdateActive. Any issues I'm missing?

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