How to get a JSDO from an business entity created using the

Posted by jimgelly on 20-Oct-2014 02:11

Hello All, We have created a business entity in 11.4 - Not express or mobile but using the new business entity wizard. We now need to create a JSDO from it to use in Rollbase. Can we create a JSDO from a manually created business entity? we have looked throughout the project and can not see anywhere we can export the JSDO. We can access the URI for the service OK so I am confused or we are missing something here. In the Developer studio I note I can do this in a BPM project and the Documentation references the Openedge mobile express wizard also allows a JSDO to be created. Any ideas? Thanks Jim.

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Posted by Anil Kumar on 20-Oct-2014 03:38

Hi Jim,

The JSDO catalog (.json) file gets generated as part of Mobile Service generation in PDS OE. Once we generate a mobile service by giving Business Entity as input file all the REST Services followed by JSDO catalog file gets generated. The generated catalog file is located under WebContent directory in the Project Explorer.

Note: Currently there is no utility to generate a plain JSDO catalog file for a given a Business Entity file. The JSDO catalog gets generated only as part of mobile service creation.

Following section explains about process of creating a mobile service and its artifacts:

Thanks and Regards,

Anil Kumar.

Posted by Bill Wood on 20-Oct-2014 06:38

While you can't automatically add the annotations, what I have done is create an equivalent project with mobile express and either delegate to the existing Business Entity or cut/paste code. That generally works well. =

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