Looking for a .gitignore for ABL/OE

Posted by Peter Judge on 15-Oct-2014 12:45

Hello Lazyweb,

Anyone have such a beast they're willing to share?


-- peter

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Posted by Mike Fechner on 17-Oct-2014 01:09

Hi Peter,

I just looked at your .gitignore file from github.com/.../abl_odbc_api

There you exclude .launch files. But as you have committed your .project file you are ensuring that everybody has the same project name and .launch files are reusable and helpful. In this case, I'd definitively commit .launch files as well.

The proper way not to commit launch configurations to SCM is by making them "not shared" in their settings. Then they will be burried in your .metadata folder and no SCM tool with ever care. When you opt in to share them via their settings, I'd also SCM them.

Just my PoV.


Posted by Peter Judge on 17-Oct-2014 07:34

Thanks Mike.

I do usually keep the .launch files in a resources/ folder. I was holding off committing them because they contain DLC information. So there would need to be a .launch for each DLC version .... which isn't especially hard to do, now that I think of it.

-- peter

Posted by Peter Judge on 17-Oct-2014 08:07

Added .launch files, per your suggestion.

-- peter

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