Openedge app and Java app on same REST service?

Posted by Paul Radbone on 13-Oct-2014 09:17


Is it possible to set up an OpenEdge REST service (I have this bit working) and also have a Java Web App running on the App Server?

Alternatively have a java Appserver and access it through the OE REST service?

If this isnt possible, what would be the best way to have both a OE and Java back end?  Would I just need to set up a java project/Rest service and a OE REST service seperately and hit the two different servers from my client front end?



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Posted by Bill Wood on 13-Oct-2014 09:33

The OpenEdge a REST adapter is just a web app. It can be deployed with other web apps (which can be written in Java if you have a java web server)

You probably DO want to deploy all your Web Apps / war files on one WebServer to avoid CORS issues (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing). Having a common base URL will help you. =

Posted by Paul Radbone on 14-Oct-2014 09:52

Thanks for the reply.  I've created a test java .war file and deployed it.  

the only issue I have now is that if I set the path of both apps so tat they are the same, the java app returns with "not Authorised" - So I think I need to give it access in the OE spring setup somehow?

Posted by Irfan on 14-Oct-2014 23:26

Hi Paul,

In your web application,  if you have deployed two wars

1. OpenEdge REST Service War file

2. Your own Java war file

If you access the REST Service then it has to go through it own Security mode. It will ask for credentials if the REST Security in the Application web.xml file is something other than "anonymous".

Your Java Application should be accessed without providing any user credentials(If you haven't set anything specifically inside your Java Application).Make sure that you could access the Application if you could deploy it to a plain tomcat.  It should be as similar as that of deploying a "aia" or "wsa" servlet inside the webapp and accessing it.

Posted by Paul Radbone on 15-Oct-2014 04:13

If I deploy the app on it's own path it works ok, for example:

But if I set the path for both the progress and the java app the same:

the Progress app works, but the java app fails authorisation?  There is no security on the java app.

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