Does creation of record in user table will ask for credentia

Posted by rajendran on 29-Sep-2014 08:05

We created a record sysprogress in _user table for php connectivity to progress db. After this , a screen asking for login credentials for the database whenever we login and its goes way if we press f4 twice and gets to editor of that database.

is it because of the login created in _user table?

How do we rectify this and make the screen go away?

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Posted by Libor Laubacher on 29-Sep-2014 08:09

That is correct - about the record in the _user table. You can use -U and -P on the client side to pass the credentials w/ the ABL client.

Posted by rajendran on 29-Sep-2014 08:13

The starup script we use is qhn -e.this will take us to the procedure editor.Where should we use -u and -p parametrs?

Posted by Libor Laubacher on 29-Sep-2014 08:16

I guess you would need to edit that script and/or the .pf file used by that script to see. Anywhere where mpro or _progres is called.

Posted by rajendran on 29-Sep-2014 08:41

Does adding -U sysprogress -P sysprogress in will resolve this issue.

Posted by Libor Laubacher on 29-Sep-2014 08:47

If that is being used for the clients then it will. But only you can confirm that. It's your script and .pf file.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 29-Sep-2014 09:15

You probably don't want every session run as sysprogress, do you?

Posted by rajendran on 30-Sep-2014 04:39

yes we dont want  every session as sysprogress. i even thought of adding my userid and password in edit user list hoping it would clear that screen.but i get  you may not use this function with a blank user id.

i am not able to add a user in datadictionary.

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