appStylistRuntime How to implement in your application

Posted by PeterWokke on 24-Sep-2014 07:40

I try to understand how to implement the appStylistRuntime in our application.

There is a main menu as a starting point for the application.

From this menu the user can open all windows where he/she is authorized to.

Can I implement the appStylistRuntime in this main window of the application so users can alter the style the like.

How to do? There are not much example and info of the concept.

I have dropped an instance off appStylistRuntime on my form.

Added a menu entry to create an event method. 

appStylistRuntime:ShowRuntimeApplicationStylingEditor(this-object, "test").

Is this all you have to do? Or do you have to load and store stylsetting files too?

Who has some guide lines in this?

Kind regards,

Peter Wokke

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Posted by Jean Richert on 01-Oct-2014 01:46

Hi Peter, as you question is essentially a GUI for .NET development question I have moved your thread from the OE General forum to the OE Development one. I'm sure someone will assist.

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