Multiple devs publishing to the same mobile service?

Posted by RWEBSTER on 19-Sep-2014 03:13

OE 11.3 - windows

We've started to make use of the REST adapter to create webservices. I'm making pretty good headway and I'm now at a point where I'd like a few members of the team to start to contribute (by creating Business entities and publishing them). So:

Can my team publish to the service I created and defined from PDSOE? How?

Both the tomcat server and the appserver are central (ie not my local machine), so I'm already doing this 'remotely' I'd just like my team to have the same.

...I'm sure I've missed something.


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Posted by Michael Jacobs on 19-Sep-2014 05:18

I do not think you have missed anything.

My observation is that PDSOE publishing works best when each Apache-Tomcat web application (i.e. .war)  is tied to a single PDSOE project, with a team of 1.    And from what I've seen, it is really is not a PDSOE issue.  The issue appears to be the Apache-Tomcat server (the OE web server distributed with PDSOE), and especially those that run on Windows OS.  

From what I've seen so far, I would advise you to not attempt having your development team using a single Apache-Tomcat server.  

If someone else on this forum has made this work using solely PDSOE publishing - I would sure like to understand what magic they used.

Posted by RWEBSTER on 19-Sep-2014 08:58

Thanks Michael,

That seems a Surely it's not unthinkable that a team of devs would want to (for example) use a central server for testing eachother's work without having to 'formally' deploy the service first?

(I understand this isn't necessarily a PDSOE issue, but I can't be the first to run into this, here's hoping there's some magic out there :))

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