ODBC and Multi tenant databases

Posted by lucooms on 11-Sep-2014 07:55

Can you run a SQL statemant  on one tenant for a database that is conected  with ODBC ? 

Can you run a SQL statemant  on multiple tenant for a database that is conected  with ODBC ? 

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Posted by Bill Wood on 11-Sep-2014 08:49

The short answer is YES.   Data Access via SQL (both ODBC and JDBC) follow the ‘visibility’ rules for the owner of the connection.
There is more on this in the documentation:
Look at the book on “OpenEdge Data Management: SQL Development” at http://documentation.progress.com/output/OpenEdge114/pdfs/dmsdv/dmsdv.pdf
See Chapter 6: Using Data Manipulation Language statements
There are examples that include doing joins across tables with multi-tenancy and how to do this as a DBA or super-tenant.  But generally, to get the data for a single tenant you just run the SQL statement with a user from that tenant.

Posted by gus on 11-Sep-2014 13:27

In a multi tenant database, users belong to tenants. tenants have one or more "domains" that are used to specify how user identity is authenticated. when a user logs in, they log in with a user name and a domain name. e.g. bob@progress or bob@cisco. this establishes the user's user id id and tenant id. the tenant id is used by the database to determine what data to return for queries. this is so for SQL connection as well as 4GL connections.

if a user belongs to a "supertenant" domain then they can read data (via SQL or 4GL) belonging to any tenant (provided the normal access privileges allow).

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