PDSOE 11.4 incorrect -n requires numeric argument (11996) er

Posted by cverbiest on 04-Sep-2014 00:00

When trying to run a launch configuration created in oe11.3 I got

    -n requires numeric argument (11996).

To solve this you need to change the oe version in the launch file

<stringAttribute key="abl.client.PROVERSION" value="11.3"/>

to <stringAttribute key="abl.client.PROVERSION" value="11.4"/>

When starting the same with debug PDSOE did detect the real issue

    This launch configuration is set to use 11.3 AVM instead of 11.4 AVM.
    Hence the OpenEdge version is modified to the current version in the launch configuration.

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Reported to tech support as well.

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Posted by Matt Baker on 13-Apr-2015 08:07

You don't need to edit the file manually.  The run configuration dialog has a setting for which AVM you want to use.  It is not automatically changed to match the current version.

Posted by DivyaTheja on 13-Apr-2015 08:36

Hello Carl,

This problem has been fixed in 11.5 version of PDSOE.


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