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Posted by jmls on 26-Aug-2014 03:28

so, I've been handed a project to do (very quickly of course) and it turns out to be a soap web service. 

I've got a wdsl file and a xsd file 

Been playing with the bprowsdldoc utility and generated some documentation: 

abstractResponseType type

No documentation found in WSDL.


<!-- No schema information for "abstractResponseType" in the "http://ws.sdt.moj.gov.uk/2013/sdt/BaseSchema" namespace. -->


<arbitrary xmlns:ns0="http://ws.sdt.moj.gov.uk/2013/sdt/BaseSchema">
  <ns0:status code="Ok OR Error">
    <!-- The following element is optional. -->

However, now I am kinda lost. The "<!-- No schema information for "abstractResponseType" " makes me think that this might be in the xsd file. Is that correct ?

Do I have to produce the xml myself, or is that a part of the xsd temp-table write-xml thing ? 

wdsl newbie alert, if you haven't guessed :)

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Posted by Brian K. Maher on 26-Aug-2014 11:05

Hi jmls,
What OpenEdge version?
Can you point me to the wsdl file (i.e. url)?

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