ABL2DB release 0.70

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 19-Aug-2014 13:36

A new release of ABL2DB has been uploaded to OE Hive ( http://cintegrity.com/content/Databasing-ABL-Code-and-Data-Relationships ).  This is a fairly significant transition because it will now support as many source and run directories as you feel like typing. In particular, this means that if you have a base release version and N directories containing customer-specific code, you can make a list of N+1 with all these directories and have all of the code in ABL2DB for analysis at the same time.   There are currently no specific utilities for restricting analysis to a specific image, i.e., what is at one customer's site, but since the source directory information is there, this could easily be added to any given analysis.

Specific features added include:
0.70 - Modify path utilities to better handle Windows drives.
     - Shift to support multiple sort and run directories
     - Change DiskFile.chSourceDirectory to DiskFile.chBaseDirectory.
     - Add fields to CompileUnit for RCode, Xref, List, and Debug base directory.
     - Add SchemaUtilites class to centralize MetaDB Name logic.
     - Add FindTableForBuffer method in SchemaUtilities.cls to match buffer
       names to tables with potential site customization.

Enjoy and keep the feedback coming! 

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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 20-Aug-2014 13:44
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