ProDataSet field name definition of temp-table different to

Posted by PeterWokke on 13-Aug-2014 05:06

For the ProdataSets I would like to use more readable field names than the database field names they refer to.

Is this possible and where and how can I set the proper mappings. Can this be done in the data source or in the data access layer?

Does someone has an example how to do this if possible.

Kind regards,

Peter Wokke

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Posted by Mike Fechner on 13-Aug-2014 05:09

It’s done where ever you use the ATTACH-DATA-SOURCE method of the temp-table buffers.

Posted by gabriel.lucaciu on 20-Aug-2014 12:45

Hi Peter,

More info to be found here:

Can be found under chapter:

"Attaching a Data-Source to a ProDataSet buffer"

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