Posted by samsonpaul on 14-Jul-2014 01:48


While starting the webspeed, am getting the below errors and how to solve it.



[mfg@localhost scripts]$ wtbman -name production_WS -start

OpenEdge Release 10.2B as of Mon Dec 14 17:00:18 EST 2009

Connecting to Progress AdminServer using rmi://localhost:20931/Chimera (8280)

Searching for production_WS (8288)

Connecting to production_WS  (8276)

Unable to start production_WS (8297)

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Posted by Dileep Dasa on 14-Jul-2014 01:52

There is some problem in starting the "production_WS" broker. Check errors in "" and "production_WS.server.log" files for more information. They usually reside in your work directory.

Posted by Irfan on 14-Jul-2014 01:55

Can you please try to do the below things

1. After adding the new broker(production_WS) make sure that you have started the adminserver

2. If you have added any database to the broker, make sure that it is preceded by existing startup param

srvrStartupParam=-p web\objects\web-disp.p -weblogerror

For example if your dbname is test1, your startup param should look as below

srvrStartupParam=-p web\objects\web-disp.p -weblogerror -db test1

If you have done the above things, can you please send the server log or broker log to understand what went wrong.



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