How to handle ProBindingSource with a defined ProDataSet

Posted by PeterWokke on 10-Jul-2014 07:27

To handle ProBindingSource with a DB structure and the import of and XSD file is clear within Visuak Designer.

How can you set the binding to a define prodataset. We have created include files for the temp-table definitions and the data set definition. I would like to use these to handle the ProBindingSource as well.

What kind of option do i have here. use the includes to generate XSD files?

Basically the client should not have a direct link to the databases. All data communication is done by the DataSets. Do I have to create a data set instance within the Form first to get it available for the binding?


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Posted by Peter Judge on 10-Jul-2014 07:43

You can use include files as a source for the schema of a ProBindingSource. To show the data in the dataset/temp-tables at runtime, you assign the binding source's Handle property to either the dataset's handle or to a query based on the dataset.

You will need to populate the dataset with data first before data will be shown.

There's a Task Map at which has pointers to various data binding topics.

-- peter

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