SOAP xml, for some reason it ads namespaces to the xml

Posted by JohanL on 03-Jul-2014 01:58

Your help will sincerely be appreciated.

We are trying to utilize a few web service methods, supplied by the mobile team, to complete some of our processes on the new project we are working on.

I have suggested a very easy way of working with the web services methods, which will allow us to reuse some code from the current system, which will save us time on design and development.


Included in the post is a very simple example of what we basically are doing in the code to utilize the methods in the web servers.

We connect to the web service, compile a xml string, and do the method call.


After a few attempts not getting it working and getting an error response for the web services, we have decided to try and figure out what is going on.  It seemed like the web service method did not get our values.


After some investigation, and using SOAP spy we got to the problem.


When I run it I display the string I am sending (as below). As you can see I have not added any namespace information.




After running it I then get the message below (which is in the .net procs from what I can gather):


Using SOAP spy I found that after I have send the xml, for some reason it ads namespaces to the xml (as shown below)



Even if I form the xml with the expected namespaces, as indicated by the WSDL document, somewhere we get all the new name spaces, which fails our call.

It is as if progress takes the XML we build, and as it post it, it add the extra namespaces.


The only way I can programmatically imagine doing this is to read the xml into a temp-table, define a new dataset for the temp-table, and add some default namespaces (for some unknown reason and weird reason I would want to do this for any xml I create in the system) then write a xml from the data set to be posted.

It does not make any sense why process see it fit to add the new namespaces. My concern is I have so many new integration processes to write, and with this issue, it does have to potential influence if I would be able to deliver my code at all.


We need assistance with this issue, since this impacts a lot of new development we have to do, and I do not have the luxury of time to rewrite or current implementation that we use for our web services interface.


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Posted by Robin Brown on 09-Jul-2014 10:16

I cannot access the WSDL referenced in the attached .p.  The MergeSite operation is in the namespace, but the parameters are not.  At this point I cannot determine if the SOAP message is correct or not.  I suggest logging a call with Tech Support so we can analyze your problem further.



Posted by hmariwa on 09-Jul-2014 10:44

Also, what  is the method signature style  specified by WSDL? Is it  RPC/encoded,Doc/Lit or RPC/Literal? According to your XML input  string you're using "RPC/encoded" -make sure this is what is specified by WSDL.

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