Studio not installed, yet config says it is

Posted by keithg on 02-Jul-2014 17:21

I have a OE 11.2 development environment installation (on Windows 7) where the Config tool reports that Developer Studio was installed, yet "eclipse.exe" is nowhere on the disk, and indeed there is no directory name implying anything like "studio" under the OE installation directory.  I'm assuming that if the Config tool shows a line for Studio that the proper code was entered at install time.  That should be enough to install Studio, yes?  I'd really like to get started with Studio and try to get away from using the Stone Age AppBuilder, but that's a little difficult to do if it won't install.  I didn't do the install on the machine in question, but the same thing happened to me on another machine, where the OE installer accepted the Studio code but did not actually install it.

Any hints as to what went wrong here?

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Posted by Libor Laubacher on 02-Jul-2014 17:35

Progress Dev Studio OE or OE Studio ?

Posted by Anil Kumar on 03-Jul-2014 01:27

Hi Keithg,

Progress Developer Studio for OE possess complete development capabilities of ABL (or IDE for ABL). If you have provided proper control code for the "Progress Dev Studio OE" then respective installation will install eclipse in $DLC location. Please find the 'eclipse.exe' file located at $DLC\oeide\eclipse\eclipse.exe

Thanks and Regards,

Anil Kumar.

Posted by keithg on 03-Jul-2014 15:05

Well, there's the answer.  Apparently, "OpenEdge Studio" is not the same thing as "OpenEdge Development Studio" (or whatever the Eclipse-based environment is called), oddly enough.  Silly me for thinking "Studio" could only mean one thing.

It seems "OpenEdge Studio" is the only "Studio" mentioned on the license code sheet.  Am I correct in saying that the (take deep breath) "Progress Development Studio For OpenEdge" product is a separately licensed (and extra cost) product?

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 03-Jul-2014 15:25

It is a different product, but I believe that it is possible to trade your OE Studio for PDSOE straight up.  OE Studio is the old AppBuilder focused product which contrasted with OE Architect that was the Eclipse-based tool.  By 11.2, though, there is little reason to hang on to OES in favor of PDSOE, which is the renamed OEA.

Posted by keithg on 03-Jul-2014 16:20

We're certainly not ready to dive into the PDSOE and abandon the AppBuilder.  We'll need time to get up to speed on the new environment.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 03-Jul-2014 16:35

PSDOE includes an AppBuilder perspective.  You aren't losing a thing, I hear ... not being a person who ever had any inclination to use AppBuilder.  But, seriously, over and over and over again I see people being advised to take the leap because the old Studio is a dead end and PDSOE is where it is happening.   When you need to use the AppBuilder perspective, you can, but you can do so much else.

Posted by Rob Fitzpatrick on 03-Jul-2014 18:25

You could ask Progress (or your vendor, if you are an indirect client) for an evaluation license of PDSOE 11.2 so you can kick the tires.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 03-Jul-2014 21:10

There is one here for download without even involving the rep.  I think it is only 30 days, but given the background, it shouldn't take long to figure it out for this question.

Posted by Frank Meulblok on 04-Jul-2014 06:58

[quote user="Thomas Mercer-Hursh"]

PSDOE includes an AppBuilder perspective.  You aren't losing a thing, I hear ...


Well, prior to 11.2 the integration of AppBuilder in the PDS:OE was rather clumsy at times, for some people that was off-putting enough not to use it.

A big overhaul in 11.2 and a bug blitz later the AppBuilder perspective looks and feels much more native to the PDS:OE  So anyone who skipped out before probably wants to re-evaluate it.

(Side note: The PDS:OE appbuilder perspective still have one bigger issue - it doesn't  support freeform queries yet. That should be addressed in the next service packs/releases though)

Posted by Swathi Yellavaram on 04-Jul-2014 07:48

Hi Frank,

Freeform query support has been implemented and will be available for 11.4.

The feature is available in latest ESAP 11.4 build. Please try and let us know.



Posted by keithg on 05-Jul-2014 10:17

Hmm...we have freeform queries in some browsers, and I don't know how soon we would be able to get 11.4 installed.  Then again, we would only need 11.4 on the development machines, not necessarily all the clients.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 05-Jul-2014 10:32

And, not necessarily on all development machines.  You could try it out on one.

Posted by keithg on 09-Jul-2014 07:30

Yes, good point.

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