Downloading a file via HTTPS Sample Code

Posted by on 13-Jun-2014 09:39

Hi All 

I have some sample code to download files or content from a web site via HTTP or HTTPS with or without a username and password.

I based it on the winftp.w from OEHIVE which uses the wininet.dll. 

I would like to share it but not sure how to do this?



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Posted by Lieven De Foor on 13-Jun-2014 14:41

You could set up a source repository on Github or Bitbucket, or even Sourceforge, and post a link here.

Posted by Jean Richert on 16-Jun-2014 03:10

Hello Christian,

When we released our new Community last year in October, we quickly realized that just sharing zip files, like we had in the old PSDN, was not enough today.

As part of our Community roadmap we are currently working on a loose integration with GitHub. This new functionality will be available around September/October. Later on, we may also include Bitbucket and/or other hosted based repo solutions.

For the time being, Lieven suggestion sounds a good approach.

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