PDS 11.3 with 10.2B run-time

Posted by alextrs on 05-Jun-2014 12:19


I know that many people already asked this question, but I just installed OE 11.3.2, launched PDS and see OpenEdge version 11 as well as 10 in Progrect Facets. Does it mean that we can use most recent PDS against 10.x run-time now? If yes, how, because I get an error as soon as I select version 10: OpenEdge 10 cannot be installed (although I have 10.2B installed).


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Posted by Swathi Yellavaram on 06-Jun-2014 06:22


OpenEdge projects in Progress developer studio only works with current version runtime.

It does not work with old release runtime. So selecting different version shows error.



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