Is PDSOE's AppBuilder integration actually usable (in OE

Posted by andrew.may on 23-May-2014 07:35

We've got a large legacy codebase that uses a slightly customised ADM1 framework.  (our newer code uses the Visual Designer).  We're just completing the changes we needed to update the legacy code so that it runs under OE11.3 instead of 9.1E.

I was hoping that, with the OE11.3 AppBuilder integration, we would be able to use PDSOE for all our development.

I'm having problems & was wondering if anyone else has been down this path & could provide advice (or tell me that using Eclipse for ADM1 is never going to work & that I should give up).

Problems that I've noticed so far:

  • I can customise the object Palette to select a custom .cst file, but this customisation setting doesn't get saved (& so I have to customise it again each time I relaunch Eclipse).
  • I can't seem to make it so that when I choose "New > ABL UI Design", I see my custom templates by default & not the built-in ADM2 templates
  • Related issue -> If I press the "Template" button & edit the template path to point to my custom templates so that I can choose one, the edits to the path are not saved (& so I have to manually do this for each new file).

I'm a big fan of Eclipse in general & was hoping that the new AppBuilder integration would actually be usable for our legacy code so that we could move all developers over to just using Eclipse (which would make training easier as there would be less tools to learn).

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Posted by Håvard Danielsen on 23-May-2014 13:58

This should work so please contact Support and report all of these cases as bug(s).

It seems as the two first issues have to do with PDS changes not being saved to the .ini, so you should in theory be able to workaround this by editing the .ini (or the default .cst files) manually. Support may be able to help you figure out the best workaround also.      

Note that I don't think the standalone AppBuilder remembers changes to the template path between sessions (?), but you should not need to edit it each time you change it.      

Posted by andrew.may on 27-May-2014 08:15


Adding the custom templates to a .ini file & specifying -ininame on the project's AVM startup params has solved the issue.

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