Problem with smartdatabrowse, migrating from 9.1C to 10.2B

Posted by ezequielmontoya on 15-May-2014 13:24

Hello, we have just upgraded from 9.1C to 10.2B.

In several smartdatabrowse we have a curious problem.
When a second record is added, we receive a Error 427 followed by two 382.

There is already a first record in the browse, but the message says there are no records.

The KB article S000031130 is about a similar problem between 9.1D and 10.2B, but using VIEW-AS COMBO-BOX phrase, which is not the case.

The data saves Ok, but it's annoying for the users and confusing for the IT staff.

I´m attaching a pdf with screen captures.

Perhaps somebody know what can we do and help us,

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Posted by Frank Meulblok on 16-May-2014 09:28

How exactly did you perform the migration from 9.1C to 10.2B ?

Did you also carry over the 9.1C version of the ADM2 code or not ?

(Carrying over the old version of the framework normally avoids this type of issue)

Posted by ezequielmontoya on 19-May-2014 10:06

Hello Frank, we have a customized ADM2 and we use it in some applications, like some toolbars. For the others, we used the standard 9.1C ADM2.

Now we are doing the same: We use the customized ADM2 and the standard 10.2B in C:\PROGRESS\OpenEdge\src

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 19-May-2014 10:34

Problem being that standard 9.1C ADM2 <> standard 10.2B ADM2.   You either need to carry forward the 9.1C version and use that or you will have to do some conversion to use the 10.2B version.

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