XREF output to include the type of lock the query will use

Posted by ed_o_s on 14-May-2014 04:00

Currently the XREF output is extremely useful to determine index usage for queries and determine any potential full table scan.

An excellent addition to this would be if the output also include the lock status the query would use (NO-LOCK, EXCLUSIVE, SHARE-LOCK). This would provide information at compile time to check for default SHARE locks in the code that may have been overlooked. It would help prevent locking issues at development time.

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Posted by Marko Myllymäki on 14-May-2014 04:34

I suggest that you add this as a new enhancement request in the Ideas forum so that other people can vote for it:


By the way, related to this issue, I have created an enhancement request for preventing SHARE-LOCKs:


Also, in case you didn't know, there is a compile time parameter -NL (NO-LOCK) which makes record retrieval statements use NO-LOCK if the lock type is not explicitly given. That might be useful to prevent SHARE-LOCKs.

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