VSView 8 problems under OE11.2

Posted by keithg on 10-May-2014 08:43

Is anyone else out there using VSView 8 embedded inside an OE11 window?

I'm having problems with VSView omitting rows between some pages.  This is using code that ran nicely VSView 7, which needed to be upgraded due to problems it had running in OE11.  I'm pretty sure the problem is with the control, but I'm not sure how to convince the vendor.  Most discouraging was a response on their forum saying that they do not support Progress/OpenEdge.

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Posted by Jean Richert on 14-May-2014 05:34

Anyone following this forum has working experience with VSView 8 and could eventually assist keithg? Thanks

Posted by keithg on 19-May-2014 11:20

Update:  The vendor is taking another look, which is encouraging.

I know someone out there was using the VSView control (also known as "VSPrint" in later versions) inside OE, because Progress was prompted to create a couple of Knowledge Base articles saying an upgrade of the control was necessary:


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