TIP: Using ActiveX inside an ABL Form (.cls)

Posted by jquerijero on 30-Apr-2014 17:03

I just want to share this.

You normally use .W to house an activeX control. There is a way to be able to use the same activeX inside a CLS form. You will need Visual Studio  2008 or higher.

1. Create a simple winform project in VS2008.

2. Drop the ActiveX on a form.

3. Inspect the references. You should see two dlls (AxXXXXX.XXXXX.dll and Interop.XXXX.dll). 

4. Locate those dlls and import them to your PDS project.

5. Go back to VS2008 and copy the UI of the activeX using a mouse or CTRL-C.

6. Go back to PDS and paste it to your form.

7. Save the PDS project. NOTE: Sometimes the RESX file is not created after the save. I just temporarily add UltraToolbarsManager (or any control that requires an RESX file) control on the form and re-save then remove it.

If everything went fine, the activeX should be ready to go.

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Posted by Lieven De Foor on 05-May-2014 03:18

Good tip, thanks for sharing!

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