Using IvyDE for dependency management in PDSOE

Posted by andrew.may on 28-Apr-2014 05:27


I'm in the process of trying to move to having software dependencies be managed by IvyDE instead of by including required libraries directly in a project.

I'm finding that IvyDE doesn't work as well with an OE project as with Java ones & was wondering if anyone has experience in this area & could provide tips on how to make it easier for devs.

We're using Hudson as a CI server & getting it to build Progress projects using Ant (& Gilles' PCT tasks) & then automatically deploying the build artifacts to an Artifactory instance (by using Ivy to publish them).

I'm now happy with getting the dependencies managed by Ivy as part of the build process (by specifying dependencies in ivy.xml & including Ivy:retrieve in the build.xml). 

The pain is that there is no way to tell a Progress project that it's Propath should be managed by IvyDE (which can be done for Java projects).  This means that developers would have to manually tell Ivy to pull in the correct dependencies before running/developing. It also means that the dependencies need to have static filenames (i.e. instead of, otherwise devs would have to change the propath when changing dependency versions. 

Does anyone have any experience of using IvyDE on OpenEdge projects?

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Posted by Jean Richert on 09-May-2014 04:58

Could someone following this forum assist and/or share working experience with IvyDE?

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