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Posted by rayherring on 16-Apr-2014 02:12

Currently i use the App Builder (have been since OE 10) for web development in the organisation that i work for (i'm the sole programmer).

The feature i use from the App Builder is 'Remote Development', so the DB, the code, everything is stored on the server and App Builder goes through the messenger to access it all.

Is there anyway to do this same thing in the development suite?

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Posted by Dileep Dasa on 25-Apr-2014 13:37

Can you please elaborate on your use case?  What are you trying to achieve?

Posted by Anil Kumar on 25-Apr-2014 16:11

Hi Rayherring,

You can use the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge (PDS OE) as a complete development suite. CHUI, .Net,  Webspeed and Mobile developments can be done directly using PDS OE. Starting from 11.2 version of OpenEdge Integrated Appbuilder functionality is also available in PDS OE.

Speed Script Editor and Webspeed Programming model related elements provide you seamless development of Web applications (like develop, build and publish to webspeed servers). DB Navigator allows you to maintain the Database related information (like new DB creation, modification) and OpenEdge Appserver (different types of brokers) provide access to development of server side applications.

Hope this helps.

Thanks and Regards,

Anil Kumar.

Posted by Dileep Dasa on 26-Apr-2014 06:42

As Anil said, PDSOE provides a complete development suite for all kind of developments,  but, there is no direct way/option for "Remote Development" in PDSOE as in standalone AppBuilder

Posted by Matt Baker on 26-Apr-2014 07:53

Something very similar to the remote functionality provided by the old appbuilder can be accomplished using PDSOE.  PDS has the ability to publish source code to a remove webspeed/appserver installation to compile and run.  This is done directly from within PDS.  Check out the features related to appserver and webspeed development and defining broker connections that allow you to control the webspeed broker from within PDS itself.  Combine this with some source control software like roundtable, subversion, or even git will get you pretty close to what you had before, but with a lot more functionality.

Many of the templates with the exception of mapped web objects are still present.

If you're using appbuilder, you'll find that 11.3 has a much better integrated appbuilder environment compared to 11.2 and earlier.

Posted by rayherring on 28-Apr-2014 03:35


At present I have the little button clicked in AppBuilder that says 'Remote Development' (looks like a spiderweb i believe).

We use ps:escript at work for all the web development stuff, basically what i do is:

Open a web-object/business-entity/data-access object by going 'File->Open' and then choosing the one i want to open.

Or i go to "Tools -> Procedure Editor" and open a procedure file (for things like cycles, etc...)

Otherwise i can go to 'Tools -> ps:eScript Explorer' or 'Tools -> ps:eScript Editor'.

ps:escript Editor reads the html/js/css file out of the pse database, ps:escript explorer allows me to add new web-objects/services/html links, etc...

That's all for the development system where i work, the process is a little different for going from development to live, but that doesn't matter anyway since it's only AppBuilder to PDS for the development system that i was interested in.

Is PDS able to do all of those things above?

And if so, how do i configure it for those things as i have found very little information about converting from AppBuilder (in Remote Development mode) to PDS (with a similar sort of set up even if it means refining certain parts).

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