10.2B: GUI procedure Editor hungs, prowin32 hungs

Posted by Stefan Marquardt on 15-Apr-2014 08:28

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there are meanwhile soo many posts but for me, i still have no answer or i misread something.

I have a short code in procedure editor which deletes and creates many data.
During running the windows become grey -> that's o.k.
After finish the code the windows is still grey and cpu uses 100% (one core) -> that's not o.k.

Is it really normal that this procedure editor not really ends running my code?
4GL Trace shows:
4GLTRACE   Return from Main Block [C:\Users\smq_adm\AppData\Local\Temp\4\p97289_import-user.ped]

But the procedure editor window still shows "still responsing" although there is no further line of code!

When i add an alert-box at the end it will be displayed and it ends normal, the same when i add "process events" as last statement.
Is this the usual way for a ABL GUI code that i need to add "process events" as last statement to get back to procedure editor?

10.2B08 32bit on W2008R2

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Posted by Fernando Souza on 15-Apr-2014 08:34

No, it is not normal. You should probably log a call with Technical Support so they can help you diagnose what is going on.

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