SportsPro Sample Application download ?

Posted by jasdeep on 03-Apr-2014 14:53

  1.           I am new to Progress OpenEdge. I am going through the learning process.
    I am following AppBuilder and Open Edge Studio documentation

    The entire documentation is based on SportsPro Sample Application.
    It would be great if somebody can help me in downloading the SportsPro sample application.
    It does not come with the software as such. I am working on 10.1c version of software.
    Is there any other resource where I can start learning open edge studio from scratch.

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Posted by Roberta Miller on 03-Apr-2014 17:48

The SportsPro sample application can be downloaded here on Progress Community, from the "Download 11.0 Documentation Example Procedure and Sample Files" page at . There are two files attached to this page. The SportsPro sample is in, although you may find some of the examples in the other file useful as well. Although the page is marked "11.0", the SportsPro application and most of the other code will work with other OpenEdge versions. Good luck!

Posted by egarcia on 04-Apr-2014 06:00


Here is a link that you may find useful.

OpenEdge Architect Videos: Getting Started Collection:

You can find this page and other pages with videos by searching the community site for "Architect videos" or "OpenEdge videos".

Welcome to Progress OpenEdge.

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