Need assistance configuring Open Architect

Posted by klamb1066 on 02-Apr-2014 17:52

I am an experienced Open Edge/Architect (10.2B) developer using Infragistics tools in Columbus, OH. Somehow I managed to break my Architect development environment recently when attempting to add a project. Originally someone else setup my install and configured it so I wasn't paying attention when they did it. I have been through all the Progress Properties, database setup and path screens, but I can't seem to make it work.

I have clients waiting and since I don't have a maintenance agreement on my development license I can't turn to Progress for help.

I'm guessing I need an hour or so of help from someone who is fluent in the setup/configuration of this environment. Local visit may be necessary but perhaps we can do this using email/print screens or screen sharing. I am willing to pay per hour for this assistance.

Please help if you can - one of your brothers-in-Progress is blowing in the wind here!

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Posted by Mike Fechner on 02-Apr-2014 19:23

Drop me a line at


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