Progress error 11687

Posted by MarkHeppenstall on 05-Mar-2014 06:25

Anyone any idea of the possible cause of the following Appserver message:-

Error 1 converting LONGCHAR variable to cpinternal for comparison. (11687)

The KB doesn't have anything useful and the Progress error number help (using v11.2) doesn't elaborate either.

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Posted by Brian K. Maher on 05-Mar-2014 06:49

Hi Mark,
There are several places in the source code that makes up Progress where that error can be thrown and all of them relate to converting a longchar variable to a character variable that has the same codepage as the -cpinternal startup parameter.  Unfortunately none of them explicitly return "Error 1" so I cannot tell which applies to your situation.
Please open a support case with Technical Support so we can look into this in more depth.
Brian K. Maher
Principal Technical Support Engineer

Posted by MarkHeppenstall on 05-Mar-2014 09:11

Thanks Brian,

If this is the most likely cause then I think I have tracked down a scenario when a comparison between a longchar and a character could have occurred.

I suspect in the instances that the error was reported the data passed in the longchar was 'too big' to fit into a character and hence the comparison failed.

I have modified the code and will monitor.



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