Not able to start Actional Diagnostics Web Application

Posted by bism02 on 03-Mar-2014 11:04


I installed Actional Diagnostics version( The Actional Diagnostic server also got started which I can see in system tray.But the Web Application page fails to launch with the message as mentioned below:

Welcome to Actional Diagnostics

Sorry but we were unable to obtain a connection with the activation server.
Please check your internet connection and try again.

Try again

Any information on how to solve this issue would be of great help.


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Posted by Mike Fechner on 03-Mar-2014 11:09

Progress Software has divested Actional to Aurea.

Maybe they can help. If you have purchased Achtional through Progress Software before the acquisition, I recommend contacting your PSC sales rep.

Posted by bism02 on 03-Mar-2014 11:15

Thanks, I have sent them an e-mail and waiting for their response.

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