PDS in 11.2 - adding UI Triggers

Posted by James Palmer on 18-Feb-2014 10:42

I've noticed a little foible with adding UI triggers using PDS in 11.2. Whenever I add a trigger, one Carriage Return seems to be removed before the line &UNDEFINE SELF-NAME meaning that eventually this line appears on the same line as &ANALYZE-RESUME, resulting in compile errors. If you then continue to add more triggers you really get yourself in a twist!

I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced this before I go off and raise a fault report. 

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Posted by Anil Kumar on 18-Feb-2014 12:28


Yes. There seems to be an issue with adding triggers (consecutive addition of triggers leads to syntax errors in the .w file by the removal of new line among ABL statements) in 11.2.x version of  PDS OE. However, this is not reproducible in 11.3.2 version of PDS OE.

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Anil Kumar.

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