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Posted by oedev on 17-Feb-2014 08:52

Hi all,

We currently deploy encrypted code to a HP-UX 64 bit server (itanium). Code is then compiled and built into a library. However, we'd like to streamline this process, ideally by delivering a library compatible with the environment. Questions;

1 - will code compiled on a 64 bit linux distro (e.g. Redhat) be compatible with 64 bit hp-ux ?

2 - could we possibly use Progress Arcade to compile/build the library ?

3 - any other ideas?


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Posted by Rob Fitzpatrick on 17-Feb-2014 14:26

As long as the windows system matches (gui vs. tty) you can take the 64-bit r-code from your build system and deploy it to your clients running 64-bit OE, regardless of distro.

You didn't mention your OE version, but on 11.x, again as long as you stay within the same window system, you can deploy the same r-code to 32-bit and 64-bit clients.

You could put up a build system in Arcade but I don't know if that would streamline the process.  You would need to push source code to it (unless it was also a code repository) and then push PLs from it to your clients.  Whereas if the server was local then you would build and push.  

If you are no longer compiling at the client site you will need to maintain schema-holder DBs on your build server; these would be your compile targets.  You'll need a process to keep them current with the schema changes you deploy to client sites.

There have been some recent conference talks on automated builds and continuous integration.  You may want to look into that to further automate your code deployments.

From Progress Exchange 2013:

Beginner's Guide to Continuous Integration

Gilles Querret, Riverside Software



Also have a look at Progress Compilation Tools (PCT), also from Gilles Querret.

Posted by oedev on 18-Feb-2014 01:37

I knew I was missing some important information :-( We are currently on 10.2B and not moving to 11.3 onwards in the foreseeable future.

Thanks for the other links - will take a look.

Posted by Rob Fitzpatrick on 18-Feb-2014 07:01

You don't *need* to be on 11.3.  Portability across 32-bit/64-bit is just another potential option when you get there.  You still have r-code portability across Linux/Unix distros today.

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