Embedded Gui for .Net Form INSIDE an ABL Window (and not vic

Posted by xblanc on 11-Feb-2014 03:52

Is it possible to embedd a Gui for .Net Form inside a ABL Window ? While there is a lot of discussion and how-to about embedding an ABL Window inside a Gui for .Net Form this is NOT what we are looking for.

For the moment we have succeeded in parenting them but the Gui for .Net Form is displaying as a separate window , not inside the ABL Window.

ASSIGN myForm:ProWinHandle:PARENT = ablWin:HANDLE.

while ablWin is a standard ABL WINDOW and myForm an instance of Progress.Windows.Form.

Any ideas?









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Posted by Jean Richert on 11-Feb-2014 04:04

Not being a GUI for .Net expert I can't really help in much details but I have quickly looked into our Community and found the  the following that may help:

This is an old (2009) thread:community.progress.com/.../1277.aspx
Then in the Support KB I also found: knowledgebase.progress.com/.../P174599
Last, our documentation I spotted: documentation.progress.com/.../wwhelp.htm

By the way, I only used the Community search engine that looks into all these resources.Hope it helps.

Posted by xblanc on 11-Feb-2014 05:10

Many thanks for your response, Jean. A the moment , i have serious doubts about the capabilities of embedding a .Net Form into an ABL WINDOW.

"The ABL window, CURRENT-WINDOW, will be the parent of the form, vForm, but the form will not be contained within the ABL window" : from the Support KB you mentionned.

Moreover you can read in documentation.progress.com/.../dvngp.pdf (Table 14)

"ABL frames cannot be parented to .NET forms. So, ABL ignores any attempt to assign the handle of a form’s shadow window (specified by the ProWinHandle property) to DEFAULT-WINDOW, leaving its previous value unchanged."

Are there any successful stories about it ?

Posted by Mike Fechner on 11-Feb-2014 05:12

You can embed an ABL window in a .NET Form and overlay that with .NET Controls.

From the users experience,  that's the same as embedding .NET Controls in ABL Windows.

Posted by Rob Debbage on 12-Feb-2014 01:36


As a general rule, you cannot use .NET UI elements in an ABL windows, nor ABL widgets in a .NET form. As you are aware, you can embed an ABL window into a .NET form, but we provide no native facility to do the opposite. An ABL window can parent/display a .NET form but it will be as a separate entity.


Speaking hypothetically, I guess it might be possible to build an ActiveX control that can be placed on your ABL window which would in turn allow you to embed the .NET window but it is not something that is provided as standard...

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