Consuming .Net Task-based asynchronous methods from OpenEdge

Posted by Fabian Frank on 10-Feb-2014 19:45

I needed it in a GUI for .Net Application and described my solution in a blog post:

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Posted by Jean Richert on 11-Feb-2014 03:56

Thanks a lot Fabian for sharing your solution through blog within our Community. This is great.

Posted by Fabian Frank on 04-Sep-2014 14:46

After a far too long time, part 2 is there:

Posted by jquerijero on 12-Sep-2014 13:59

This is interesting; however, there still seems to be some timing issue with this approach. When the callback/event handler is finally called while the application is in the middle of repaint/redraw, the application can hang or error out.

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