Where does the r-code go when compiling code in Central unde

Posted by jquerijero on 04-Feb-2014 13:59

We occasionally see r-code inside the source code directory instead of the designated r-code folder ( the location where the standalone Roundtable sends the r-code). Could it be coming from someone compiling code in Central under a Roundtable plugin project?  

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Posted by Jeff Ledbetter on 04-Feb-2014 16:11


Roundtable compiles the code into the r-code directory specified by the Workspace Module definition, otherwise it is compiled into the same directory as the source code. However, there seems to be a bug with the OpenEdge compile SAVE INTO statement were it does not create the directory structure specified by the SAVE INTO statement. I noticed this while investigating the behavior for the task directory.

If you manually create the r-code directory structure in the target, it seems to work fine.

I am reporting this compile statement behavior to PSC tech support.

Posted by Jeff Ledbetter on 04-Feb-2014 18:46

FYI, we have created a work-around for this that will be available in our next 11.2.x patch.

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