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Posted by Zev on 29-Jan-2014 15:27

Greetings Esteemed Members of the Forum!

I am new to Progress development, and please forgive me if I am asking a question that is too fundamental or if I am asking it in the wrong forum.

Basically, I was assigned to write a program that reads data in a Progress database. So I went to the Windows Control Panel, clicked on Administrative Tools, Data Sources, System DSN, Add.... And found a selection for Progress OpenEdge 10.2B Driver. I could not believe my good luck in finding this driver because I know from poking around the OpenEdge folder that this is the version that is installed!

But then I clicked "Finish" and I was presented with a dialog that asks me for a Data Source Name, Description, Host Name, Port Number, Database Name, and User ID. Here is where I got stuck. I figure that the Data Source Name I could make up, and the Description is optional, but what am I supposed to type in Host Name and Port Number? Where does one go to obtain this information? I will gladly purchase a book on the subject and read it if someone would recommend one. But for now, I am stuck!

Thanks for listening. Any help would be appreciated.



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Posted by Roberta Miller on 29-Jan-2014 16:24

Welcome to Progress, Zev!

You are correct, you found the right driver, and you can pick anything you want for the Data Source Name.

To use SQL with an OpenEdge through ODBC or JDBC, a database broker must be started for network (TCP) connections. The person or script that started the database specified a host name with the -H startup parameter, and a port to connect through with the -S startup parameter. Use these values for "Host Name" and "Port Number". SQL users must also have a user IDand password stored in the database _User table in order to connect. You can enter the user ID in the "User ID" field if you want the DSN to be just for one user, or you can leave it blank and supply it at run time. You will always have to supply the password at run time.

Your database administrator (whoever starts the database) will know the host name, port number, user ID and password that you should use.

If you want to read more, please see OpenEdge Data Management: SQL Development, Chapter 3, "ODBC Client > Configuring data sources > Configuring Windows clients" in the OpenEdge documentation. The OE 10.2B documentation set is available on line at

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