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Posted by mstassen on 24-Jan-2014 09:39

Is there a way to automatically regenerate resx files for the Progress forms builded with Visual Designer and Infragistics GUI for .Net components ?

When i open the form in the Visual Designer and save it again then the resx is rebuild, but i want a faster way to do this automatically for all the forms...

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Posted by Mike Fechner on 24-Jan-2014 09:46

What is the purpose of regenerating them?


Check this class:

Posted by mstassen on 27-Jan-2014 02:08

Resx file corrupt, resx file from version 11 cannot be used under 10, images form toolbars disappeared, etc
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Van: Mike Fechner []
Verzonden: vrijdag 24 januari 2014 16:47
Onderwerp: RE: regenerate resx files
Reply by Mike Fechner

What is the purpose of regenerating them?


Check this class:

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Posted by Mike Fechner on 27-Jan-2014 02:11

OK - for that you need to get into a habbit of replacing "Version" with "Version".

I do that all the time.

It's not the resx file format that changed - it's the .NET Framework version which is different.

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