OpenArchitect Error: The invoked member is not supported in

Posted by MBeynon on 21-Jan-2014 04:59


I'm getting the above error when trying to open the design view in OpenArchitect.

Has anyone else seen this? My .cls compiles and runs but the Visual Designer doesn't seem to like it. I've checked on Google for this error but nothing seems to relate to my class.

Can provide code if required.

Many Thanks,


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Posted by Laura Stern on 21-Jan-2014 07:57

This error seems to be related to the use of reflection and possibly emitted .NET code.   Note that though you are not doing this directly from the ABL, internally, the AVM does use these techniques to run .NET-related parts of the code.  It would be helpful to know what line of your code is causing the error if you could figure that out.  

Posted by Anil Kumar on 21-Jan-2014 08:00

Hi Mark,

Are you using any of the controls in the visual designer file?

If possible can you attach the project that is causing the problem.

Thanks and Regards,

Anil Kumar.

Posted by MBeynon on 31-Jan-2014 01:48

Hello and thanks for taking the time to answer. I'm sorry for the late reply also. I was able to fix this error by simply closing down Eclipse and re-starting!

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