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Posted by Marian Edu on 20-Jan-2014 07:10

is there any documentation about pdsoe extensions? com.openedge.pdt.core.runtime looks pretty interesting, have no idea what entries the .p it requires need to implement though... it looks like it does look for a destroyObject but are the other more useful entries and how those could be used?

looking into getting a hook to the avm runtime, maybe getting the AVM runtime from OEproject could also help but would prefer to use an extension point if available :)

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Posted by Marian Edu on 20-Jan-2014 07:16

hmm, got some info in extension's point description... will give that a try

Posted by Matt Baker on 20-Jan-2014 08:50

All PDS extension points are at the moment, considered internal.  There is online documentation on how to hook into the AVM runtime from within PDS via a series of events that are fired.  Check out the extensibility editor and related documentation.

The runtime extension is used to start the persistent procedures that PDS uses to perform various tasks such as start/stop visual designer, load appbuilder, perform compiles and such.  Its probably overkill for what you're trying to accomplish.

Can you provide us some idea on what you are trying to accomplish?  PDS provides documented ways of hooking into the runtime that are a bit more convenient than writing your own plugin.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 20-Jan-2014 09:10

How about links for that documentation, Matt?

Posted by Mike Fechner on 20-Jan-2014 09:25
Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 20-Jan-2014 10:35

I thought it was some special doc, not the regular manual.

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