Making a one-way web service call (asynchronous) error

Posted by ericgeorge on 06-Jan-2014 16:45

Hey folks. I am trying to call a non-OE web service where no response is required. So looking at the generated documentation (via bprowsdldoc) the Operations (internal procedures) section has this:

CreateCatalogOption This operation is not a Request-Response operation. It is not supported.

The connection and port type commands run fine with no errors. But when I make the call I get the following error:


Failure initializing SOAP Call: Error creating SOAP Call object for 

operation CreateCatalogOption: operation is not a REQUEST-RESPONSE

style operation (11762).

My web service developer says even before the call that no instance (record) of the connection was made. Am I missing something? Thanks The web service is running fine with a successful test request using SoapUI so it is not the end point.

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Posted by Phillip Molly Malone on 07-Jan-2014 00:13


This isn't supported. Here is an article on the subject:

There are some workarounds suggested (SonicESB, Sockets or .Net OpenClient). If you are on windows now and using a version later to 10.2B05 (might be 10.2B03), you could create a .Net Class to make the call and then use the .Net Bridge added for OpenEdge GUI for .Net to make the call.

Well I know this probably wasn't the answer you were after, I hope this explanation helps.



Posted by ericgeorge on 07-Jan-2014 08:24

Thanks for helping me on that answer Molly. I will see if the web service developer can turn it into a request-response. PSC really need to hire more engineers to better their products.

Posted by Phillip Molly Malone on 07-Jan-2014 18:20

While this would be a nice to have, I don't believe that its been a big use case amongst our users. Don't forget that you can put forward your case for having this situation handled in the product via the Ideas feature of the Community. If there is a ground swell for this feature, Product Management would definitely consider including it.


Posted by Jean Richert on 08-Jan-2014 06:31

Reporting your suggestion into our ideas is indeed a good approach so other users will be able to vote for it.

To do so just follow this link which will take you to the OE ideas section.

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