QUERY-OPEN method performance

Posted by mstassen on 30-Dec-2013 08:08

OpenEdge 10.2B SP7

I fill a dataset on the appserver. This takes like 700 ms for 2767 records.
This dataset is (at the client-side) attached to a bindingsource:
  TopGridBindingSource:HANDLE = ghDSItemStock:TOP-NAV-QUERY.

After that opening the query ghDSItemStock:TOP-NAV-QUERY:QUERY-OPEN()
takes like 6 full seconds counting but MTIME info gives me 54 ms ???

Why is taking that long and how can i speed this up ??



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Posted by Mike Fechner on 30-Dec-2013 15:51

Will the use of Batching on the ProBindingSource make the process faster? It should.

I assume a good portion of the time is caused by creating the rows in the (Ultra?)Grid. Any fancy styling on the Grid rows/cells?

Are there a lot of columns or Array fields in the temp-table? Remove those columns not required for the grid from the BindingSource schema.

Child relations? How many records in total?

Posted by mstassen on 31-Dec-2013 03:15

Yes: narrowing down the ammount of columns (also arry fields) does the trick.

It's fast now...

Thanks for the help (Progress support needed database table definition, sourcecode etc etc to reproduce first)

Posted by Mike Fechner on 31-Dec-2013 06:00

no problem! For the binding source each array component is treated like an individual column and it seems that each column value gets passed over the bridge by its own. That makes a lot of traffic on the bridge.

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