Designer of a Progress Form doesn't display the form any

Posted by Marc on 20-Dec-2013 03:50

Hi all,

One more trouble with my projet. I can't open one of my biggest form in designer mode.

Desginer says:

"An exception occurred loading the design canvas: Le membre appelé n'est pas pris en charge avant la création du type."    (which means something like : Called member can not be used before the type is created)

I don't know what to do with it !? How do I know which control or class failed to be created ? which member is called ?

My InitializeComponent method has more than 2000 lines, I'd prefer not to redraw it all.


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Posted by Sasha Kraljevic on 20-Dec-2013 08:20
Posted by Marc on 26-Dec-2013 08:31

Thanks a lot Sasha, but this seams not to be my problem... I'm still looking for the needle (in the haystack)

Posted by Marc on 27-Dec-2013 10:09

Further informations : my form use a big user control that use derived controls (of .NET user controls).

As I remove the big user control, the designer diplays the form !

And, the big user control can be displayed in the designer alone without problem !

but I can't add it to the toolbox...

Posted by Marc on 03-Jan-2014 09:05

Well, I redraw it all ...

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