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Posted by Dustin Grau on 19-Dec-2013 20:13

I'm attempting to configure a very simple REST service, something as plain as a GET request that returns some kind of "Hello World" response. I'm using OE11.3, and I've followed chapter 4 of the PDSOE documentation to set up a new REST project. I've been able to publish my files to the tomcat server as well as an appserver, but I've run into numerous problems with actually getting things to work. At one point I was close enough that I saw a WADL returned with my service description exactly as I expected, but attempting to do a simple GET on the URL resulted in nothing but an HTTP 500 error. Eventually I mangled the project enough that I can't even get DevStudio to republish its files to the REST manager (tomcat server). There are other questions I have about security (removal) and whether I've even set up my appserver correctly for this kind of service. If anyone has attempted this and would be willing to share some simple instructions, I would love to get a discussion going about how to make this whole process easier.

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Posted by rrubio on 19-Dec-2013 20:30

Hi dgrau,

Not 100% on version 11, however, version 9 & 10 you need to add your webservice to "AppServer->Broker->AppService Name List" under progress explorer. From there refresh your service by disable then enable again.


Posted by Sasha Kraljevic on 20-Dec-2013 08:13

Hi Dustin,

Without seeing the REST Manager log file as well as AppServer log file, it is impossible to say anything.

It sounds like your rest service deployed correctly, but either your AppServer wasn't started, or there was an issue executing request from REST adapter over the network to the restbroker1 AppServer instance.

You should take a look at:


as well as & restbroker1.server.log .

In case you don't see obvious error, then you should increase logging level.

If you are really feeling lost, tapping in dark, then just clean up your rest services and redeploy from scratch.

Take a look into the documentation on how to clean up deployed services.

In essence, you first disable them, then undeploy.

Let us know how did it go.

Posted by Ricardo Perdigao on 26-Dec-2013 00:56

Hi Dustin,

First, I would suggest that you download and install the Service Pack 1 (11.3.1).  That will make a huge difference on the publishing part of things.  Lot's of improvements there ...

If you that does not work, please send me an email with you availability for an 1-on-1 on the next days. We can do a 15 minutes Session where I can take a look at it with you !

Warm Regards,

Ricardo Perdigao

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