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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 19-Dec-2013 13:04

I asked a version of this question earlier, but never got a chance to try things out and the baseline has shifted so I want to check to see if the advice has.   I have Rational Software Architect and PathMATE in an 3.6 Eclipse instance and PDSOE 11.3.1 in an Eclipse 3.7 instance.  I am currently running them as two separate instances, but there would be some convenience in having them together.  If I did the install in different instance thing and pointed to the 3.6 instance, is it likely to break?

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Posted by Stefan Drissen on 19-Dec-2013 14:37

Not sure about 3.6 but integrateArchitect.bat refused to integrate with Eclipse 3.7.2 (auto-upgraded from supported 3.7.1) Eclipse version reporting that it was not supported. This was with OE11.2.1.

'Work-around' was to integrateArchitect with 3.7.1 and then let Eclipse upgrade itself to 3.7.2.

Posted by Mike Fechner on 19-Dec-2013 14:40

Alternative workaround (aka Julian-hack): create a copy of %DLC%\oeide\Architect_Third_Party_3.7.1_repo under %DLC%\oeide\Architect_Third_Party_3.7.2_repo and run integrateArchitect.bat

Posted by Anil Kumar on 20-Dec-2013 13:29

Hi Thomas,

11.3.1 PDS OE do not have support to Eclipse 3.6. You can install all third party plug-ins in a new Eclipse 3.7.1 instance and install PDS OE plug-ins on top of that eclipse using integrateArchitect.bat file.

$DLC\oeide>integrateArchitect.bat -install <target Eclipse Directory>

Hope this helps.

Thanks and Regards,

Anil Kumar.

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