ODBC Dataserver Update Performance

Posted by Paul Koufalis on 25-Nov-2013 08:23

OE 10.2B07

Does anyone have any tips or tricks for accelerating mass inserts and updates through the ODBC DS? It is painfully slow and most of the information I can find is only for the SELECT side.

The only thing that works well is to pass the SQL directly via the stored procedure back door RUN STORED-PROC send-sql-statement ... Unfortunately this is not very popular with the Progress programmers!

 Some results:

  1. Adding 1000 records via Squirrel (JDBC): 60 seconds
  2. Adding 1000 records via prowin32.exe: 127 seconds (bypassing the ODBC DS)
  3. Adding 1000 records via _progres on Linux through the ODBC DS: 139 seconds
  4. Adding 1000 records from prowin32.exe via RUN STORED-PROC send-sql-statement: 49 seconds.
  5. I did not try #4 from Linux - sorry I should have.



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