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Posted by cSocaciu on 07-Nov-2013 05:41


I'm currently investigating a issue that occurs when trying to start report builder while connecting to an Oracle dataserver from Progress 11.2 client. I can connect without any problems to this database using prowin32.exe executable.

The scenario is as follows:

The client is running o a windows machine and the oracle DATASERVER is located on a UNIX machine.

I use RBREPORT table to overwrite "RB-DB-CONNECTION" with "progress_db_name => oracle_db_name"

I'm calling the report builder with the following sintax: 

RUN aderb~\_prore ( INPUT FALSE, INPUT "-rbtabledb oracle_db_name -pf c:\Temp\ -rbdel -rbtag USER_ID").

The startup file looks something like:

-db oholder -H unix_host_ip -S 10000 -N TCP #schema holder
-db oracle_db_name -dt ORACLE -H unix_host_ip -S 20000 -c 1000 -Dsrv SVUB,1

I get the following error:

Unable to initialize the database engine: Unable to establish a Unified Broker context. (7256) Failed to connect to ORACLE database oracle_db_name. (1451) Already logged out of Embedded SQL Interface. Request ignored. (2605). Terminating Report Builder

Thank you in advance for any suggestions you have on dealing with this problem.

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Posted by Ken McIntosh on 07-Nov-2013 10:18


This looks like a bug.  Please report this to the support center in your region.

Ken McIntosh

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