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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 09-Feb-2013 10:36

Another nice Lahman quote:

"OTOH, the sad truth is that one could paraphrase G. B. Shaw's comment on  Christianity: The only problem with OO development it that it has never  been tried. There is a lot of really lousy OO software around because  people converting from procedural development started coding in OOPLs  right away and just mapped procedural practices onto it."

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Posted by gus on 12-Feb-2013 14:42

In other words, it doesn't work because I'm doing it wrong?

Posted by on 12-Feb-2013 15:30

I think it means - "even it works, you're probably doing it wrong."

Posted by jmls on 12-Feb-2013 15:31

You are not alone - the good Dr thinks that *everyone* is doing it wrong

Posted by Admin on 12-Feb-2013 15:36

Including himself?

Posted by jmls on 12-Feb-2013 15:50

in theory ...

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 12-Feb-2013 15:56

Not *everyone* by any means.  See my review at

for a notable example.  Rob has it it pretty much on the money.  Just because it works, doesn't mean it has been done right.  But, one needs a reference base of being done right to have a baseline.

Posted by Admin on 12-Feb-2013 16:41


Posted by abe.voelker on 13-Feb-2013 11:44

Hunh?  This guy must be living in a time warp.  Pretty sure the theory around OO programming was thoroughly explored with the development of Smalltalk 30-40 years ago.  It wasn't even the first language to use "objects" - Simula did it way back in 1967.

I seriously doubt this guy has discovered anything new about OO programming that has not been both thought of and tried before.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 13-Feb-2013 13:07

Abe, I'm afraid that the weight of experience is not on your side here.  H.S. Lahman was there then ... in fact, the opening part of his book ( ) is a brief, but very insightful, history of the development of the OO mentality and the ideas which preceded it.

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