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Posted by LegacyUser on 10-Jul-2002 12:37


I am writing to you because we have an important subject to talk about, as

you are the guys who are central in the Progress Tool building process.

We are currently working on ADM2 and everybody knows the central part that

take lookup in a screen design.

Everybody knows the heavy issue on SmartSelect which involves a SDO, which

we don't need on the choose process.

YOU did all the work in the ICF project building an object which only object

is to serve user choice on foreign keys => Dyn lookups.

AS we are beginning a new project using ADM2, it is a key point for us and I

think it would be for other companies.

It is such an important issue that we are working on adapting the ICF object

to use it in ADM2.

You put a enormous amount of work getting things better, but SmartSelect

issue is so IMPORTANT in overall ADM2 design

Why don't you evacuate this issue and make this SO IMPORTANT feature

available to us.

This will make ADM2 globally coherent in terms of development productivity.

For us as Software designers it is CENTRAL. WE DO NOT HAVE A SCREEN WITHOUT


We know we do some kind of lobbying here but it is such an important issue

in day to day work and knowing you have a working solution, we really want

you put it in ADM2.

I hope you understood the importance of the object and how much we feel

concerned about this.

A project manager very pleased using Progress v9/ADM2 environment but

somewhat "cooled" by this lack.

I hope you would answer even rapidly and giving us feedback.

Thanks in advance.

Sylvestre SEGURON

Project Manager

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