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Posted by LegacyUser on 21-Feb-2003 09:06


In the Progress Dynamics Product Update Bulletin Version 2 there is a

section 1.3.3 about "Design-time Application Customization". It says that

based on the customization types you can change column labels, links, viewer

layout and whether certain objects or pages are displayed.

We did manage to do some customization this way, but to show a different

viewer layout based on the customization type is something we could not


* Within the Customization Type Code 'User' we created a Result Code

'Enterprise" en within 'Enterprise' we created a Customization Result 'rho'.

* In the right session type we added the property

'CustomizationTypePriority" with a Property Value 'User' and generated a new


* We changed the viewer within the Container Builder after entering

the Result Code 'Enterprise' to show a extra toggle-box.

* You can save the viewer then, but you don't have to save the

independent window in your Container Builder (???).

* We did shutdown the session and started it again. Loginname 'rho'

showed the changed viewer, but also all other users saw the changed viewer.

In the Dynamic Properties of the viewer there is a field "Result Code" but

this is not sensitive.

Is there something we did wrong ??

Best regards,

Richard van der Hoek

Reflecta Automation BV

The Netherlands


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